You will find programs for taxometric analyses here.  These programs work with SPSS and R.  You conduct the analyses in SPSS using our GUIs; SPSS calls the R program to do the "heavy lifting" using John Ruscio's taxometrics package.

A more detailed description of these packages may be found in our 2016 APS presentation here.

Detailed instructions on installing the .SPD files are coming soon.  We have tested our GUIs with SPSS 23.
  • First, you must install R - Version 3.1.0 
    • (If you are running SPSS 24, this must be Version 3.2.x, where x can be any value.  R 3.1.x will not work).
  • Second, you must install R Essentials - Version 23.0.0 
    • (If you are running SPSS 24, you must use R essentials 24 available here [you must log in to SPSS])
  • Finally, you must install the .SPD into SPSS using the following menus:
      • (For SPSS 24, you must do the following:  EXTENSIONS --> UTILITIES --> INSTALL CUSTOM DIALOGUES)
Taxometric Procedures